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UC Davis, One Market Restaurant…Ewetopia Dairy

In early December I had the pleasure to be a part of a One California Dinner, put on by UC Davis and CAAA at One Market Restaurant, in San Francisco.  The purpose of the night was to explore the topic of technology in agriculture, the current state of affairs and where the opportunities are.   My role was two fold;  Cheese presenter (on behalf of Ewetopia) and Panelist.  
It is always fun to present Philosopher to a new audience, as our first cheese is unique, yet simple and clean. Philsopher is a sort of “gate way drug”, allowing people a tasty opening to all the different types of cheeses the world has to offer…. (There is an article in the works about this topic….).  I am proud to say that I was able to prepare our cheese, place it on the bar, (which is a great place to be!) and watch the event unfold.  Philosopher did well in its first un-chaperoned event.  As people started to associate me with the “cheese on the bar”, I quickly became known as the cheese guy.
My second job, as panelist was fun and intimidating.  The panel consisted of a Venture Capitalist, a VP/Owner of a Start up, a Dean from UCD, Executive Director at the UCD school of management and myself.  The goal was to show all the amazing things that are in practice or development to assist farmers produce more food, cheaper and more efficiently.  Notice I did not say greener;  there is a reason for that, which will also be explained in a forth coming blog article… the short answer is all farmers are green… we created the idea and are the definition of it!!! 
At first glance, I am very out of place on this panel.  However, as we created a dialog it became very clear why I was there.  I was the only person who worked with animals, worked with Dairymen and was involved in a company that takes animal based agriculture all the way to the customer.  In the end, for me there were two take homes:  1)  Perspective matters.  How ever you view the world, your view is unique, and when you are trying to work with other people, you need to consider their perspective.  I guarantee it differs.  2)  Try something new, Fail, get up and try again….repeat as needed.  Everyone on the panel said this in some way shape for form.  In a world that looks at failure as the “mark of the beast”, it was great to hear the same message over and over again…. with out failure, success is impossible.  
One more note.. Dinner was great at One Market Restaurant, Ewetopia is working with their team and are looking forward to having our California Sheep Cheese as part of their menu in the future… until we are, stop in and tell them Ewetopia said hi!

Denair, California

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