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Philosopher is a true California original. A creamy, tangy sheep & cow milk blend brings together a rich taste with a smooth texture. The unique combination of attributes gives Philosopher a range of applications. For the purist, it is a crowd pleaser when presented by itself. For the Chef in us all, it lends it’s self to a wide range of culinary creations; From an accent on Chicken Tortilla Soup, to a primary ingredient in Fettuccini Alfredo. We believe that Philosopher is truly “Unlike any other…”

3 (1/4 lb. of Philosopher Sheep Cheese)





Enigma is a 100% raw sheep milk aged asiago. Quite a unique and savory cheese, Enigma embodies the richness of an Asiago with the buttery tang of our clean, fresh milk. The cheese is excellent as a snack or appetizer on a cheese plate or grated over your favorite sauce, soup ragout or pizza. For a delicious wine pairings, try a full bodied red wine such as a Zinfandel or Cabernet.

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Wild Ewe is a 100% raw sheep milk aged farmstead cheddar. This aged cheese truly showcases the quality of the milk from our sheep. The creamy tanginess of sheep milk with the delicious flavors of a suitably aged cheddar make Wild Ewe hard to resist. Everyone from cheese lovers to those who enjoy great food adore this cheese. Release your own Wild Ewe and give it a try!

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