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We appreciate the artist in every Chef, be it at home or at our favorite restaurant. If you have an amazing dish with our products and want to let the world know, please send it to us and we will share on our website. From our farm to the Chef in you, we thank you for trying and enjoying our products.

Our Products

Philosopher is a true California original. A creamy, tangy sheep & cow milk blend brings together a rich taste with a smooth texture. The unique combination of attributes gives Philosopher a range of applications. For the purist, it is a crowd pleaser when presented by itself. For the Chef in us all, it lends it’s self to a wide range of culinary creations; From an accent on Chicken Tortilla Soup, to a primary ingredient in Fettucini Alfredo. Philosopher pairs great with white wines and especially Champagne. 


Enigma is an aged Asiago cheese made with 100% sheep milk. This cheese has a rich, nutty flavor while still showcasing the ‘clean’ flavors of our milk. We age this cheese for 6-9 months before cutting it or selling it. This allows for a full ripening and outstanding flavor maturation. Try Enigma on a cheese plate, with dried fruits or bruschetta, or grated over your favorite soup, salad, or pasta. Enigma pairs nicely with a full bodied Tempranillo wine.


Wild Ewe is an aged Farmstead Cheddar made with 100% sheep milk. This unique cheddar combines the richness of an aged cheddar with the pure creamy flavors of the sheep milk. Wild Ewe is an easy crowd pleaser, even for the most timid foodie. The cheese is versatile as a cheddar but fancy enough for any cheese plate. We like this cheese with Lagers and IPAs, but it is great with dry white wines, too!



Denair, California

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